Tools I Use to Make Money Online

Below is a list of my favorite resources that help me (or have helped me) make a living online!  This list includes tools, supplies and courses!

My Favorite Marketplaces to Sell on: (Merchant Account) (seller Account)

Other Marketplaces I’ve sold on with some success: (now “Rakuten”) (sell locally)

 My Favorite Research Tools (to find GREAT products to sell!)

Jungle Scout (by far the BEST tool to find amazing high demand popular products!)

Amasuite v4 (one time price vs monthly fee.  This software has great features including product research, reviewer finder and more!

AMZ Seller Browser (totally free extension for Google Chrome.  Shows sales rank and price history INSTANTLY!

Product Tracking

If you’ve sold online for a while, you know that the key is finding a product that will sell consistently over time.  These tools will help!

I use for research (to pull data from other people’s products

I use amztracker to track my own products over time!  This is one of the most useful tools in my arsenal!


Salesbacker:  I should have signed up for this a LONG time ago!  This has exponentially improved my product reviews and seller feedback! It’s super easy to set up and the price is right!  If you want to run a business long term, you’ll want to build your own list of customers. will provide everything you need!

Health Insurance:

Finding good health coverage for the self employed can be difficult.  I personally use Priority Health and have found them to be the most reasonably priced insurance with great coverage!  I highly recommend checking out and signing up for your health insurance needs!


Essential Equipment for your business:

FBA labels (for stickering products to send to FBA)

Shipping labels (for easy printing and sending to UPS/USPS etc)

Laser Scanner (speed up entering your products!)

Printer (with built in scanner- trust me, you’ll need this down the line!)

Shipping Scale (for weighing your packages to send to Amazon and/or customers)

Packing Tape (for sealing boxes to send to FBA or for merchant fulfilled orders)

Tape Dispenser


Make Cash Fast (great for start up capital)

Paid surveys and offers*

(if you’re going to fill out these surveys, I’d recommend picking up roboform to make the process quick, painless, and as close to “automated” as you can get!)

*The paid survey sites above are legitimate- paid surveys will pay you money with no strings attached.  Be aware, however, if you complete a “trial offer” be sure to cancel a product or service if you don’t want to use it, or you will be charged (test websites- get $10 for each one!  scroll to the bottom of the page and click “get paid to test!:)

You can pick up a cheap headset to test these HERE

Find Money that you’re owed and didn’t know about!

Donating Plasma (for cash!)

Advertise Your Paid Service



Six Step Six Figure SystemMy own course, Six Step Six Figure System is everything you need to build a real business!  I go through the entire process of the 6 steps I use and recommend to make a full time living selling online!

If you want to get even more ideas and perspectives and dig into entire courses devoted to a single topic (like arbitrage, wholesale, private labeling etc, keep reading!


Below are courses I’ve ACTUALLY purchased AND that have benefited me or courses from authors and creators I trust-  I’ll note if I haven’t purchased

Arbitrage Resources:

Arbitrage arbitrage2by Chris Green 

(the most extensive book I’ve read on the subject- fantastic!)





proven amazon courseProven Amazon Course: This is essentially a “mega course.”  It contains numerous individual courses as well as exclusive interviews, articles, audio  plus a LOT more!  Please note, I have not purchased the course, but have gone through most of the ebooks and courses that are included in this “mega-course” and they have helped me get to where I am today!

UPDATE: The Proven Amazon Course now includes courses on wholesale and a mini course on private labeling as well!

Wholesale Resources (finding and working with legitimate suppliers)

sourcing the right productsSourcing the RIGHT Products Wholesale to Sell on Amazon (by far the best course I’ve ever gone through on this topic.  If you buy this, prepare for your head to spin… There is an overwhelming amount of good information from the leading sourcing expert (Lisa Suttora).  However, she does a GREAT job of giving “assignments” to take action TODAY!  This course is geared toward Amazon sellers but contains information that will help you throughout the e-commerce journey!

Private Label Resources

proven private labelProven Private Label Course  This is one of the few reasonably priced courses on private labeling and features a teacher who has private labeled products for major companies!

Importing Directly from China:

import direct from chinaImport Direct From China (despite the fact that I had already been importing for years when I read this, I learned a GREAT deal that has saved me time AND money.  When I started out, this book could have saved me a great deal of grief (had I known of it!).  If you’ve never imported, do yourself a favor and pick this up!  Importing is not essential for private labeling, but will provide a massive benefit to you!


 Outsourcing Resources:


Create your own website for selling (see below)

Web Hosting

Website Platform:

WordPress (wordpress can be installed directly from within Hostgator)

E-commerce wordpress plugin

Marketpress ecommerce


Free Full Featured Carts

Open Cart

Zen Cart

Hosted Cart Solutions:


Payment Processing:


Google Wallet -I have not used this since it was “Google Checkout” but I found that service to be great!  I believe it is essentially the same


Other money making methods:

Affiliate Marketing:

affiloblueprintAffiloblueprint – Although affiliate marketing is now a small part of my business, I learned so much from this course that I’ve carried with me from proper keyword research, to creating sales copy, to ad placement, building a website, marketing, promotions gaining loyal customers etc.  I highly recommend the course to develop these much needed skills or to make a full time living out of affiliate marketing as the creator of the course has done and has taught hundreds of others to do!

Market Research Tools (to find WHAT to sell and your AUDIENCE to target)

Keyword Research Tools

Longtail Pro

Market Samurai

Tools to find trends and ideas for products to sell:



Google Trends

and let’s not forget:



(both Amazon and Ebay are amazing research tools in themselves.  I cover methods of using these tools in my resources- both my book and my blog!)

Please note that SOME of these links are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you buy the product or service through the link (at no extra cost to you).  However, please know that every link above is to a product, service or site either created by someone I fully trust or that I have used personally and has benefited my business.  I hope you find the links helpful!

29 thoughts on “Tools I Use to Make Money Online

    1. Sorry, I just saw this comment (went to my spam folder for some reason.) I would highly recommend the PAC. Lisa’s course is great, but she has discontinued support. Also, the PAC covers more ground (retail arbitrage, wholesale, liquidation, private labeling etc). Hope this helps!

  1. Hi Daniel

    When i buy some pieces of any product for example from alibaba , do i looking for a shipper or the supplier ships the goods?

    1. Hi Diego,
      Great question! It’s a bit complex. Do you have my book “Invisible Inventory”? I got into it a bit in there. It comes free with Six Step Six Figure System

      If you want an extensive understanding of importing (shipping from overseas) you’ll want to pick up Import Direct From China

      Here are the basics though:

      When you find a supplier, they will generally quote you “FOB” (free on board) which transfers ownership of the goods to you. You will be responsible to transport the inventory (I do this with a freight forwarder and customs broker). Suppliers will often be able to quote UPS, Fedex or DHL shipping rates as well. This makes things much easier, but it tends to be much more expensive. Hope this helps!

  2. Hello Daniel,

    I would really appreciate if you can send me that free ebook. I cannot find that on your website.


    1. Hi Usman,
      If you are referring to my free book “System Start Up”, you can get it by filling out the form toward the top of this page the right ^^^ >>>

  3. Hello Daniel:

    I have a good question for you… this makes me a very nervous… testing the products to USA standards for children’s products is very important with my product Cool Gel n Cap. Is this necessary for Amazon sales? The samples I ordered especially fabric products like a baby pillow did not come with tags explaining the material and or certificates of testing even in China for phthalates lead ect. This is usually very important in selling in the products in the USA especially from China. I really appreciate your suggestions and experience you are sharing with us. This seems like a great business endeavor and I am very excited… but if we successful and are on the beach drinking coronas and seeing our lives and appreciating all that we have achieved… someone that sues you could be easily taking your place on the beach and enjoying all of your hard work without lifting a finger. Lawyers always go after who is accountable and can pay. Going after a factory in China is very difficult and most likely not worth the effort for someone looking for a free ride.

    Just a thought and a little CYA.

    Have a Great day Daniel!

    Thank you,

    1. Hi Tim,
      Great question! My disclaimer, as always is that I cannot offer legal advice. This is my opinion only, but yes, protecting your business is incredibly important! The hope is, as long as your products are compliant with U.S. laws including health codes, FDA requirements, safety standards and include the appropriate warning labels etc that you’ll never get sued in the first place. Not everyone is so fortunate. However, making sure these things are in place is a must in my opinion! I’ve been guilty of importing a product that was (unknowingly) in violation of an obscure policy and I had to hire an attorney and ultimately have it sent back to the manufacturer. In my case, a minor adjustment was made, it was shipped back to the U.S. and I made my money back, but this is not always the case! I’ve learned my lesson to be very careful! I would say the same attention to safety will apply to Amazon as selling on any platform within the U.S. Make sure your products are safe and comply with all U.S. laws. Be sure to get whatever certifications you can from the Chinese manufacturers. Also, don’t be afraid to put heavy requirements on them. If they cannot or will not comply, don’t buy from them and wait until you find a company who will create a product to the specifications you (and the law) require. For what it is worth, that is my recommendation

    1. Hi Billy,
      Sorry about this! Make sure you enter your name and email address in the boxes on the right. If you don’t receive the link, please check your bulk/spam folder as it’s possible it went there. If not, please feel free to write me directly at daniel(at) and I’ll send it over to you. Thanks!

  4. Hi, ‘m looking for a great resource for dropping on Amazon and ebay. Specifically, product selection and suppliers. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi Stacy,
      Feel free to browse around the blog and download my ebook (some of this is covered in there.) Amazon and Ebay seller forums are also helpful. For a full blown course, I recommend the Proven Amazon Course. Hope this helps!

    1. Hi Kevin,
      I sent you an email regarding ASM. Overall, I highly recommend it. If capital is not an issue, I recommend starting with step 2 or 3 in my ebook (media or arbitrage). Private labeling is definitely the most lucrative business model overall, but unless you’ve got a solid course like ASM to walk you through every step of the way, it’s risky to start there without a solid foundation. There are a lot of complexities, laws and risks associated with private labeling and it’s best to have a tried and true system before taking it on. Hope this helps!

  5. Daniel the book “Arbitrage” looks very interesting but you seem yo indicate that all of the info in the book is covered in Jim’s course.

    Is this correct? Or is the book still useful?

    1. Hi David,
      Yes, Jim’s course is essentially a mega-course. I think most of it is material compiled by other authors and course creators. Jim basically bought the rights to all of those courses and compiled them into the Proven Amazon Course. Chris Green’s arbitrage is included in the course. Hope this helps!

  6. It’s been a while since I’ve done surveys. This helped me when building capital, but yes, the payout is so small, it’s not a method of creating a sustainable business.

    With that said, when I did surveys, I would focus on the high paying offers. If I didn’t want to the product or offer, I simply cancelled before the trial period was up. I also did surveys with roboform which sped up the process significantly! I would avoid 30 minute surveys. I would usually complete a survey in less than 5 minutes. Sometimes I could complete 5-10 surveys in 30 minutes.

    As for junk mail, I actually never got a lot (though I did get some!) I’ll be honest and say I did not use my home phone number (you could set up a google voice account) and never had any trouble. I did use my real address though. Hope this helps!

  7. Thanks for the update sir, do you get a lot of junk mail with doing the surveys for capital? Seems like a good idea, but most are not paying well for 30 min a survey.

  8. Hey Daniel, I have found a recommendation to your blog from a source online. Im a current FBA seller and I have read your book. Its pretty good, I’m curious about the outsourcing the ‘sourcing’ portion though. Can you send me in the right direction on that subject? I want to start that up.

    1. Glad you’re benefiting from the ebook! I’m actually just finishing up a second ebook that deals with paying someone to do sourcing for you (among other topics). I think you’ll benefit a lot from it! It will be free to my subscribers. If you’re already signed up to the mailing list, you’ll get it as soon as it’s released – which should be sometime next week. Sorry for the wait, but it should be worth it!

    1. Hi Peter,
      You’ve come to the right place! Welcome! I would recommend downloading my ebook “Build Your Slice.” This will be more than enough to get you a plan to get started! If you don’t receive it, let me know. The service responsible for sending it has been having issues the last couple of days. If this is the case, just email daniel(at)alittlesliceofthepie(dot)com and I’ll get you a link. Thanks!

    1. Hi Michael,
      Unfortunately, our auto-responder service is down currently. This is the service responsible for directing you to the ebook after entering your email address. I appreciate your patience as they get back up and running. This should be resolved in the next couple of days.

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