Sept 2015 Income Report



We are officially into the 4th quarter (as of October 1st). Let’s see how the final stretch of the first 3 quarters of the year went!


My current sources of income are:

-2 seller accounts

-1 seller account

-2 eBay seller accounts

-2 websites (though strangely, very little income has come in the last couple of months!)

-Kindle income (from my kindle book.)

affiliate accounts (including Amazon associates, clickbank and more- see the full report for details)


School is back in session for the kids which means I get on a more regular(ish) routine!  Gone are the days of sunshine and relaxation!

I’ve also been working on several products that I’ve private labeled.  All of the products kind of came together at once and it’s been a bit of nightmare trying to organize it all!  I will talk more about this during the private labeling series that I’m working on!

For now, let’s get into the income itself!


Amazon Account 1: $17,057.27

amazon account 1

Amazon Account 2: $7,197.36

Amazon account 2 Account: $1374.39 (approximate conversion to USD) account

eBay Account 1: $367.93

ebay account 1

eBay Account 2: $12.77

ebay account 2

Total Physical Product Sales: $26,009.72

35% (approximate profit margin)= $9,103.40



Amazon Associates: $22.50

amazon associates account

Nanacast(Products owned by Jim Cockrum) includes:

Proven Product Partnering

Sourcer’s Apprentice Book

Proven Wholesale Sourcing

Proven Private Label Course 

Import Direct From China

Proven Amazon Course

List Building Class












JVZoo (includes long tail Pro and Amasuite):




Lisa Suttora Affiliate Program

(Power of 10 Wholesale Sourcing for Ebay

Sourcing the Right Products Wholesale to Sell on Amazon )


Lisa Suttora

Kindle Book (Six Step Six Figure System)



Total affiliate income (and other “costless” income): $494.38







Well, what can I say?  Things are not looking up here.  I’ve been on a downward trend for quite some time now, but this month is actually an all time low since I started my blog!  This is discouraging for sure!  It looks like I’ll be working on a lot of promotion for the month of October.  As I’ve mentioned several times, I have 5 private label products in the pipeline (actually on the boat!)  My hope is that once those hit, revenue will increase, but those products have certainly taken up a lot of time and energy (and have not yet produced sales because they are not yet available!)  I’ll keep you all updated!

All in all, I certainly can’t complain about making just under $10,000 profit in a month!  Yes, this is quite a bit lower than what I’ve been used to, but this just means it’s time to start plugging away!

If you’re new and want to learn my exact strategies I’ve used, please enter your name and email below and download my free ebook which outlines the plan!  Thanks as always for your support!

18 thoughts on “Sept 2015 Income Report

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I’m really motivated today because my FBA sales went above $60K for the running 30 days. This is a big step for my business and it will help me develop a plan to maintain good sales in Q1.

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Cyber Monday sales ROCKS! $4,486 in sales for that day.
    For the month of NOV $31,061 in sales, I’m happy with that and ready to climb to the next level.

    1. WOAH! That is amazing! Yeah Cyber Monday is a great day for online business! I’m amazed that you’re doing all this through arbitrage methods only! Keep up the good work!

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I have good news, decided to become a full time FBA seller last month. Got a new lap top computer to speed things up. I already see the difference as the sales for my last 30 days back from today are over 25K from RA. I want to start getting some wholesale merchandise and PL. I’m hopping that the rest of the year treats me as good as October.

    1. Woah! Ed! This is awesome! I feel absolutely privileged to follow you through this journey! So glad you now have even more time to devote to this! Congratulations!

      1. Thanks Daniel!

        I remember when my first 2 pay periods from Amazon were negative balance. Your blog, books, and knowledge helped me to put the pieces of the puzzle together. I was curious about how far could I get by doing this part time. One by one I started to get approved to sell in gated categories such as: Groceries, beauty, Health Care, DVDs, Collectible books, Shoes, Clothing, Jewelry, Luggage, Watches, and now Star Wars Episode 7 Toys. A year later after doing this part time, I decided that I was ready for the full time journey.

        My best sellers for 2015 are: Clothing $58,631.41 , Shoes $38.845.55, and Toys $13,434.12 for a total of $142,606.98 so far.

        I am working on other projects such as: another seller got a clothing liquidation lot and I am doing the processing and shipping(I will get 40 percent of the profits), I am working on a T-shirt Arbitrage book(as a request by members/moderators from a sellers group), and few other things for the future.

        Thanks for your motivation.

        1. Wow man! This is so awesome! I’m seriously impressed! I’ve never sold clothing or shoes, but now I’m starting to think I should start! When you’re book is done, I’ll be happy to buy it! Do you buy all of this arbitrage and liquidation? New used? I’d love to know more! This is so great! Thanks again for posting here!

          1. I only sell new shoes and clothing. Shoes mostly Nike sneakers, every now and then they have 20% and 30% off, in addition I get 10% off military discount every day. I try to get about 35 pairs every time I go to the outlet. If I pay about $35.00 after discounts, it sells for about $120. For clothing I mostly buy t-shirts, PaJamas sets, shirts with beanie combos. I prefer to buy clothing and shoes not listed on the Amazon catalog and create my own listings to avoid competition.

            If you search the wortd t-shirt on Amazon you will get 9,611,196 results. Refine it to Prime and you will get 494,252 only. There are ony a small amount of FBA sellers competing on the t-shirts category. Even after I shared this discovery and a lot of seller got on the band wagon, I can still profit by creating new listings for shoes and t-shirts.

            1. Absolutely incredible! Do you work with wholesalers, do you do retail arbitrage or liquidation? (or all of it?) This is great!

              1. So far I only do RA and OA (I forgot to mention that also I am approved in the Automotive and Scientific/Industrial categories)

                To get more production done, I pay my daughter to create my basic listings and my wife helps with processing merchandise, bagging, and tagging. Also she does some product sourcing and purchasing.
                I have created over 1000 listings mostly for clothing. I use Clipping magic to process my pictures, Merchant Words to get keywords, and Scanpower to create my shipments.

                I don”t worry about scanning clothing and shoes since I already know what sells. I get 75% of my clothing and shoes from the clearance racks. 25% I purchase on retail price and still make a profit.

                  1. Daniel,

                    I do not promote my listings. Merchant Words provides the keywords/search terms used by Amazon buyers. This help new created listings to be found by customers. Amazon likes new listed items and when customers used those more used search terms/keywords they will find my items.

                    I get a lot of questions from customers about new listed items, this gives me an indicator about sales getting ready to take place so I keep an eye on those items.

                    Also I found by mistake how to find best seller items in my area, now I can spend few minutes every now and them searching for best seller items, drive to the store, walk to the shelf where those items are located, empty the shelf and go back home.

                    1. Absolutely amazing! If you end up creating a book or a course or anything similar, please let me know. Not only will I buy it, but I’ll be happy to help you promote it!

                1. Hi Edward,Hi Daniel,

                  It’s great to see such an inspiring story.
                  I’m a complete new comer in this field. But I ‘m decided to take action and start doing a Home business .
                  So, if I may ask one question, what would be the very first step in order to start ? what would you recommend ?
                  knowing that I have a small budget less than $1000.



                  1. Hi Cyril,
                    Thank you for the kind words for both Ed and I! Congratulations on making a decision to start! I would personally recommend starting with arbitrage (finding items to buy low and sell high.) The free ebook on this site will get you started with some other ideas as well! Ed has done arbitrage more extensively and far better than I have, so he may have some great advice for you as well! Hope this helps!

  4. Just wondering, since we are entering Q4, are your products gifty? I was looking at your past reports, noticed that you made 3 times as much during Q4.

    1. Hi Lisa,
      Some of them are, yes. One brand in particular sells great as gifts. However, in years past, I would make a huge effort throughout the year to stock up on toys (arbitrage) and a lot of my sales came from that. This year has been focused so heavily on private label products that I’ve pushed toy sourcing to the side! I’m learning my lesson and next year will make a big effort to source more toys again!

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