The Power of a Brand (What I Learned While Shopping for a Coat!)


RI’ve had the same coat for more than 10 years and it’s falling apart.  I tend to hold on to, and wear down my possessions until there is nothing left- whether it be my car, my clothes, my furniture, or in this case… my coat!  The reason is a combination of laziness and a drive to get my money’s worth- something that was instilled in me from an early age!  2 weeks ago I came to terms with the fact that my coat was absolutely falling apart and was not going to last through the Winter.  I decided to go shopping!  What I found was remarkable!

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Time to Get Serious- 2015 Goals


new-years-eve-2015-583216_1280It’s a new year and a great time to re-look at our businesses and decide how to best grow and adapt for 2015!  I’ve written out a list of goals for this year (I actually did!)  Some goals share some common themes.  I found it helpful to take those themes and break them up into smaller chunks to increase my chances of meeting those goals.  I’ll review the goals and the strategy I plan to use to implement the goals in hopes that this will help you set your own plan for 2015 and build your business!

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2014 Goals Reviewed and Renewed


target2014 is coming to a close.  One of my more recent goals in business has been… well… to set actual goals!  I’ve always had abstract ideas of what I want out of this business, but 2014 was the first year that I actually wrote anything out- and even this was not in the form of a “business plan” but rather a blog post!  My post contained 4 fairly concrete goals.  Of these 4 goals, the focus varied from being specific to 2014, to broader goals for the trajectory of the business.

Today I’d like to review those goals, try to gauge how close I came to meeting each goal and then renew those goals that pertain to 2015. Additionally, I’ll also talk about what I learned that helped me meet the goals as well as mistakes I made that created challenges in meeting the goals.  As always, my hope is that my discussion of these things will help you meet your own business goals as well!  Let’s begin! Continue reading