April 2015 Income Report


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As always, the months are flying by!  I can’t believe May is here!  Lets take a look at what is historically the beginning of my “dip” in sales for the year (April.)  Unfortunately, the “dip” started a little earlier this year, but I’m very optimistic nonetheless since I’ve been using much of the “downtime” to look into new products, and new income streams (and build up existing possibilities!)  I hope to have several of these in place by the forth quarter or at least by the end of the year! Continue reading

The Private Labeling Craze and Why I’ll Never Make it as a Marketer


trademarkThe concept of private labeling has become a huge topic among online sellers and continues to be the area of my business I receive the most questions about.  A couple of years ago, a big online course was released covering this topic which largely sparked all of the interest.   Continue reading

Is Selling DVDs Still Possible On Amazon? What I Know (and Don’t Know) About Amazon’s Approval Process


DVD casesLate last year I wrote a post that got a lot of attention.  I believe the reason it got so much attention was it contained very specific information about how to get approved to sell in the DVD/movie category after Amazon’s September restriction was put into effect.  This was something no other seller seemed to be willing to disclose- at least as far as I could find!  The original post is HERE

I am always happy to help other sellers because I know what it’s like to feel a sense of unease, panic or even desperation when a source of income is threatened or a great opportunity is eliminated. Continue reading

February Income Report 2015


dollarsWow!  I can’t believe March is already here!  This is the month I’m supposed to start sticking to a set schedule (and it seemed so far away when I wrote that post!  I’m definitely improving though thanks to that written goal!)

February was down in numbers in almost every area.  I’m excited, however, as I look at the numbers because they provide a lot of insight- which I’ll get into more toward the end!  I believe this is really going to help me work on the trouble areas for the coming months!  Continue reading