When to Buy Inventory at Rock Bottom Prices for HEFTY Profits!


Christmas cartToday’s post is a quick one.  We’re all looking for those items that will make insane profits right?  Overall, my general profit per sale is around 40% (for a $100 sale, $40 would be profit, $60 would be cost- some items are much higher some items are much lower) but starting in 2 days, I will find inventory at rock bottom prices pushing my profit margin much much higher for these items!  What is the secret to finding this inventory? Continue reading

Be Your Own Boss: The good and the bad


be the bossThis post is the final part  of a 3-part series.  Part 1 can be found HERE. Part 2 can be found HERE

Back in the day, I was quite dissatisfied with my job.  This led me to looking for other opportunities.  Most of these “opportunities” were either scams or completely not worth the effort (I talk about these in more detail in my book which you can get by entering your name and email address above).  What I wanted more than anything were 3 things: Continue reading