Sales Rank Explained (Part 2) Determining if a Product Will Sell


money2This is the second part of a two-part post.  In the first part of this post, I gave an overview of what the Amazon sales rank is, a formula for finding a good one, and how it can help with your buying decisions. If you haven’t yet read the first part of this post, you can find it HERE.  Today I want to talk about the sales rank more specifically in relation to a product or products that you are potentially looking to sell.  Continue reading

Sales Rank Explained (part 1) Finding the Ideal Rank for Each Product Category


sales rankThe sales rank is such an important part of selling on Amazon, but it is widely misunderstood.  In my book “Six Step Six Figure System” I lay out the “ideal sales rank” to look for in each category on  when scouting out products to sell.  However, this guide is only relevant to  If you are selling on one of Amazon’s other sites (,, etc) you will want to go off numbers that are relevant to that site.  In the video below, I provide the formula I use to determine the ideal rank for each category.  This will be very helpful to those selling outside of the U.S. but will also be useful to U.S. sellers. Continue reading

How to pick DVDs, CDs and Media Titles to Sell Online


DVDsEarly on in this business, I became enthralled with the idea of selling DVD online (and later CDs, video games and blu rays).  Nearly everybody watches movies and selling DVDs seemed like one of the best places to start!  I found out quickly though that it can be very frustrating without the proper ideas about what selling media entails. Continue reading

Dealing with the Unpleasant Side of Online Business – Returns, Refunds, Negative Feedback, Delivery Issues and MORE!


screamI hope everyone is enjoying 2014!  Today I want to talk about a not-so-fun, but very real aspect of running a business online (or offline for that matter!)

There are several things that can happen in this business that can make a day less than wonderful.  Today I want to touch on each common issue (though this list is far from exhaustive) and offer a few tips that I’ve learned from dealing with these unpleasant aspects of running a business that will hopefully make it easier for YOU. Continue reading

Print Shipping and Return Labels Without a Service or Software


priority-stamps-1-1157173-mWhen I started out, I shipped ALL orders myself (out of my house)!  As I’ve mentioned before, when I started this endeavor, I was working as a pizza delivery driver with no extra cash and hoping that selling products online would provide a supplemental income for my family and eventually a way out of my current situation. I tried to do EVERYTHING as low-cost as possible often spending hours looking for free-alternatives to paid software and services (yes, devoting this much TIME to save MONEY ultimately makes little sense in the scope of things, but when I literally didn’t know if I would pay the bills next month, TIME was the only thing I had to invest).  I found several ways to do things that saved me money!  Printing shipping labels was something that I needed to do on a daily basis! Continue reading