June 2015 Income Report


half graphWe are officially over the “half way hump” of the year! Summer also happens to be the slowest time of the year historically (gotta start sourcing some popsicle makers, grilling accessories, water toys and lawn care products for next summer!)  Let’s see where the income is at!




My sources of income that I report are as follows:

-2 Amazon.com seller accounts

-1 Amazon.ca seller account

-2 Ebay seller accounts

-2 website

-Kindle income (from my kindle book.  I’ve also created more books in other niches which I hope to have published and selling in the next few months- be on the lookout.)

affiliate accounts (including Amazon associates, clickbank and more- see the full report for details)

-undisclosed source of income (I will report numbers only and if this takes off as I hope it will, I will disclose this in the future)


Unfortunately, my blog has taken a dive in terms of new posted content.  I’ve been so busy in my personal life and I don’t regret this a bit (horse riding lessons and swim lessons for the girls, camping, games, outdoor activities, building new friendships and more) but it does have an adverse effect on my writing and I know this is a disappointment to those of you who are wanting more content.  I’m still working on publishing content, but trying to find the balance between enjoying summer and writing out thoughts on business.  When I have a choice to make between the 2, enjoying summer almost always wins because lets face it, I started this type of business for a reason- to gain freedom of my schedule and to do more things I love.  If I’m not doing this, my business is not living up to it’s full potential!

On the business side, my new private label products have been taking a ridiculous amount of time to get finalized.  A lot of this is due to sample after sample being sent from various companies, improvements made, lots of back and forth with the suppliers and more.  I believe the products that I’ll have created are going to really be great though and I’m excited to see what comes of it!

Now lets get to the good stuff:


Amazon Account 1: $25,457.49

amazon account 1

Amazon Account 2: $21.000.82

amazon account 2

Amazon.ca account: $2101.30 (conversion to USD)

Amazon.ca account

eBay account 1: $479.93

ebay account 1

eBay account 2: $172.37

Ebay account 2

Website 1 income: $514.61

website 1

Website 2: $58.96

website 2

Total Physical product sales: $49,785.50

35% (approximate profit margin) = $17,424.92 PROFIT



Amazon Associates: $41.06

Amazon associates

Nanacast(Products owned by Jim Cockrum) includes:

Proven Wholesale Sourcing

Proven Private Label Course

Import Direct From China

Proven Amazon Course

List Building Class




(AffiloblueprintLongtailproCoupon Engineering Domination etc)



Kindle (Six Step Six Figure System) : $117.87


Undisclosed income: $24.99

Total affiliate income (and other “costless” income): $452.71







Not a bad month all things considered!  What is most amazing to me is how consistent my income is these days- usually within a few hundred or sometimes a couple thousand from the previous month.  It was not like this when I started.  If you’re just starting out and you’re seeing huge fluctuations, don’t be discouraged.  This is completely normal until you build some credibility online and start consistently working within a budget and plan for product sales etc.

To be perfectly honest, I did not work very hard this month.  As I said at the beginning, I’ve been focusing a lot of time on leisurely activities, family events and enjoying (and building) relationships.  I’m thrilled to see my income has been at least maintained during a “slack month.”  This gives me a lot of hope for the future.  Ultimately, there are time that it’s important to “buckle down” and really put a lot of time and energy into this type of business, but the payoff can allow for some great experiences you’re not going to be able to get with a traditional job.

I hope this income report is encouraging and helpful.  If you’re just getting started and haven’t yet picked up my free ebook “system start up” please do so below!  Thanks as always for your support!

9 thoughts on “June 2015 Income Report

  1. Hi Daniel,

    I have just discovered your blog today and read almost all of your posts and I’m amazed. Congrats for your success! I’m from the UK and really would like to start a real business (I have been doing internet marketing for years) so I have been gathering information about FBA courses and that’s how I landed on your website.

    I was wondering whether it is possible to sell on Amazon.com from the UK or would you recommend starting off with Amazon.co.uk?

    I have been looking at the PAC and do you think is good course for newbies? Would your kindle course help me to get started?


    1. Hi Frank,
      So glad you found the blog and that you are enjoying the content! Getting started is always that hardest part, but once you do, it will be worth it! If you already have internet marketing skills and experience, it will definitely be to your advantage!

      The PAC is great and quite extensive, but the $9.99 kindle book (six step six figure system) will definitely get you what you need. The advantage of the PAC is the online community, though you’re always welcome to ask me questions too :)

      As far as starting in the U.S. or the U.K, the U.S. is going to generate a lot more traffic and sales, but it is also far more competitive than the U.K. The U.K is also local which means you won’t have as many issues to deal with (shipping into the U.S. setting up a U.S. presence etc.) If it were me, I would start on Amazon.co.uk and then expand to Amazon.com later. However, if you want higher volume right off the bat and you’re willing to put in some extra effort, start with Amazon.com. It will come down to more of a personal preference than anything else.

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Daniel,

        Thank you for your reply, I really do appreciate it! I’m going to by your Six Step Six Figure System soon and will get back you with my feedback. I’m wondering if I can contact you directly instead of replying to this comments?

        Many thanks,

        1. Thanks Frank! You can definitely contact me any time! daniel(at)atlittlesliceofthepie(dot)com (just replace the “at” with “@” and “dot” with “.” – I write it out so I don’t get spammed by robots :)

  2. Hi. First of all what a great blog!

    Secondly – I see you have a amazon associates account. Have you registered this under the same account as your seller account or have you kept this separate?

    I’m just thinking of trying to build up some revenue on the associates side and was wondering if for any reason Amazon suspend my seller account whether that would effect my associates account?


    1. Hi Jo,
      Great question! Yes, my amazon associates account is under the same account as my seller account, but they are separate. As far as I know, losing my selling account would not affect my associates account (unless the reason for losing it is linked to something I’m doing in both accounts.) My policy is to simply comply with the rules. I’ve violated policies unintentionally in the past (one example is when I added free batteries with a wholesale product- that is apparently against Amazon’s terms because it changes the product to differ from the description “batteries not included” – who knew?) but if and when I receive a warning from Amazon (they always give a warning first) I just make sure to remedy the situation so as to not create problems. So long as we follow the rules, there should be nothing to worry about. Hope this helps!

  3. Hi Daniel,

    I just found your site and love all the information you give away for free – thanks so much for that :)

    I was wondering if you could answer a question for me – it looks like you have 2 Amazon accounts, however, I read that this is against their TOS – how did you go about getting a 2nd account?

    I would like to have a different account per brand I have started, however, I haven’t been game to open more than 1 account.

    Thanks for any help


    1. Hi Glen,
      Glad you’re enjoying the site! Yes, I started a second account years ago. Amazon will let you do this, but you must write them for permission. You can start a second account under these circumstances:

      1. You have a legitimate business need for a second account (which you must provide to Amazon in detail)
      2. Your second account does not share the same products as your first (there must be no overlap)
      3. Your second account must have all different financial information: different bank account and different credit card

      If you can meet the requirements, simply write Amazon to ask about this and they will likely grant this request.

      With that said, if I had to go back, I would have kept everything in a single account and simply used a generic name for the account (like “XYZ retail” or something like that.) Then I would use that account as the “distributor” for my multiple branded products. This would save me $40.00 a month. Hope this helps!

  4. How much do you typically spend when starting a new private label product?

    Is it possible to get products private labeled with logo printing even though you can only afford to order smaller quantities? I have a budget of $1000

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