July 2015 Income Report


graph-1172081I want to apologize to my loyal readers!  My income report this month is so ridiculously late! Between a trip to Kentucky to see my in-laws (returned home on the 3rd) and a lot of family things to deal with, I simply didn’t make the time to get this done.  Thanks everyone for being so patient.  I hope it’s worth the wait!

As I mentioned above, there has been so much going on in my life that has been taking my focus and energy that not only did the timing of my income report suffer- my income suffered as a result!  As much as I would love for this business to be truly passive, it simply isn’t.  I can let things slide for a while, but it always takes a toll eventually!  Thankfully the business does not require my active involvement at all times (trading time directly from money) but this makes it even more important to be disciplined and stay on top of things… something I struggle with!  You’ll see my income took a massive dive.  Let’s see what how things came out!


My sources of income are as follows:

-2 Amazon.com seller accounts

-1 Amazon.ca seller account

-2 Ebay seller accounts

-2 websites

-Kindle income (from my kindle book.  I’ve also created more books in other niches which I’ve been dragging my feet on publishing!)

affiliate accounts (including Amazon associates, clickbank and more- see the full report for details)

-undisclosed source of income (I will report numbers when available.  If this takes off as I hope it will, I will disclose this in the future)


Summer time is always slow for business.  It is also warm, beautiful and my kids are not in school (which means I have no real external schedules).  This all adds up to a lot of fun and a lot of focus taken off of work- which in turn makes things slower in the business which in turn gives me more time to have fun… it’s  definitely a downward(but very relaxed and enjoyable) spiral.  I always have the assurance that things are going to pick up in the forth quarter.  They always do!

This July has been an interesting month!  On a personal note, I’ve tried to take up running- using the C25K app.  I’ve learned a lot (unfortunately, I learned what not to do by doing it and injuring myself!)  My family spent the 4th of July with some wonderful friends watching the fireworks and got in plenty of swimming and camping! It’s been a good month (on a personal level).  On a business level… well… lets take a look!


Amazon Account 1: $23,798.87

Amazon account 1

Amazon Account 2: $10,834.43

Amazon account 2

 Amazon.ca: 1190.25 (approximate conversion to USD)

Amazon canada

eBay account 1: $175.97

eBay account 1

eBay account 2: $122.18

eBay account 2

Website 1 Income: $566.89

website 1

Website 2 income: $115.95

Website 2

Total Physical product sales: $36804.54

35% (approximate profit margin) = $12,881.58 PROFIT



Amazon Associates: $53.24amazon associates

Nanacast(Products owned by Jim Cockrum) includes:

Proven Wholesale Sourcing

Proven Private Label Course (massive discount on this currently until Aug 20th!)

Import Direct From China

Proven Amazon Course

List Building Class












JVZoo (includes long tail Pro and Amasuite)




Clickbank (AffiloblueprintLongtailproCoupon Engineering Domination etc)


Lisa Suttora Wholesale Amazon Courses

(Power of 10 Wholesale Sourcing for Ebay

Sourcing the Right Products Wholesale to Sell on Amazon )

(site is currently down- will update next month)

Kindle Book (Six Step Six Figure System)



Total affiliate income (and other “costless” income): $789.64







As you can see, my business income is actually down by more than my total personal monthly budget (a little over $3000 a month)  It is so important to me to live well below my means for this very reason. Being down over $4000 (and over $5000 from last year) would throw me into a panic if I was counting on all of that money!  I’m not going to say I’m thrilled about this downturn, but I will say that I have some time to bring it up again without worrying about going broke.  I have money to live off for the rest of the year and I am confident that the 4th quarter will bring a lot of good.  This month (August) has already taken a turn for the better.

The take away is this:  don’t get discouraged.  When things get bad, hang in there.  When you want to give up, give yourself a little break and be gentle on yourself, but then get up, and try again!

For me, I still can’t complain about this level of income considering where I’ve come from!

Thanks so much for reading and for the support!  If you want to know more about what I do and how you too can make money online (some of it instantly) take a look at my free ebook below.  Thanks again!

2 thoughts on “July 2015 Income Report

  1. I wouldn’t be concerned too much about the drop in revenue and profit because this time every year where I work the sales are lower.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Lewis! I’m more concerned how much lower the numbers are compared to last year in general. There are several reasons for this (which I will probably talk about more toward the end of the year) but it’s probably time for a change in strategy. Thanks so much for stopping by!

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