Gaining Approval for Gated (restricted) Categories on


combo lockSo lets say you’ve found that silicone spatulas sell really well on and you decide to sell them too!  You connect with the brand owner, they direct you to a supplier, you strike a deal, buy the branded product in bulk and add your product under the main Amazon product listing!  Sales go great at first, but then others start dropping their prices.  Eventually the prices drop so much that there is no margin left and your income is shot.

Time for strategy 2: Private labeling!  You will make your own version of the silicone spatula and it will be Amazing!  You connect with a private label supplier, hire a graphics artist, have a great logo and packaging created, create a brand new listing for your product on, send in the inventory and boom!  Your listing is live!  Then… no sales come in.  You realize you forgot a vital step- promotion!  So you start creating youtube videos, facebook pages, press releases, and running ads.  You get a couple sales here and a couple sales there, but ultimately you find that you’re spending more time and money than the profit coming in is worth!  Then it dawns on you: EVERYBODY is selling silicone spatulas.

Strategy  3: You begin looking in home and kitchen and eventually expand to other open categories.  There are so many great products to choose from, but there is quite a bit of competition in every product that is actually profitable.  This problem can be overcome.  In fact, I sell in mostly open categories, but it takes a lot of work!

What if there was a way to sell popular products without so much work? There is!  I’ve been surprised to see how easy it is to make sales within restricted categories!  The reason?  They are restricted to approved sellers only (read: LESS COMPETITION).  The good news is, you can get in!

Blake Richardson of reached out to me recently with some exciting news about a new course he just released called “Amazon Ungated”.  You can purchase it for just $9.99 HERE.  Why do I say “course?”  This looks like a Kindle book.  Within the kindle book are links to over 7 hours worth of video walking you through the process to get approval for categories like:

Clothing, Fashion Jewelry, Handbags, Industrial and Scientific, Luggage, Shoes, sunglasses and watches.

Blake has been kind enough to add a special bonus for my readers! The bonus is a PDF explaining how to gain approval for 3 bonus categories:


Grocery and Gourmet foods


Health and Personal Care

Blake has decided to provide this PDF for my readers free of charge whether you buy the full course or not!  He also is letting this go with NO OPT IN.  (if you’re just dying to opt in to get something free, feel free to sign up to my list below, but Blake’s Amazon ungated bonus PDF does not require it!)  Please find your bonus PDF HERE.

Below is a note from Blake on why he created this course:

Like most Amazon sellers, I wanted to be able to sell in categories with less competition and reach a wider captive audience.  I was intrigued with the idea of becoming approved to sell in all of the Amazon categories.

The information on how to properly obtain category approvals appeared to also be gated by people whom charged sizeable fees to pay for this knowledge.  I didn’t believe that paying someone else to become ungated in Clothing, Shoes, or Industrial & Science would help me in the long run since, I would still not know how to properly create images or submit flat files.  

The bit of training that Amazon offers on category approval and flat file creation is pitiful and riddled with inaccuracies and terrible recording quality.    

So I began learning how to correctly edit photos and complete the flat files.  Along the way, I discovered tricks on my own and how to streamline this convoluted process.

I recorded the entirety of my category approvals and was ready to begin editing and creating my course.  However, my knowledge now progressed past my earlier videos.  I thought about just releasing every video that I had but, that felt like a half measure.  How could I fix this?  I could not go back and re-do my approvals.  

There was only one answer.  Create an approved second seller’s account and start from the beginning.

I again recorded every step of the way and now 6 months later I have created a complete and polished compendium of Amazon category approval knowledge.  

Literally, every step of the way is meticulously detailed. With my video course, learn how to become ungated in the toughest Amazon categories.   

Thank you for your time and help,

Blake Richardson

If you’re just getting started selling, why not download my free introductory book below “System start up” and then work on getting into restricted categories to immediately boost your sales?

Hope you enjoy it!

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