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Live On Less Than You Make- The Strategy That Helped Me Pay Off My House… Again!


Paid house for useIt is nearing the end of October and traditionally this has been a higher sales month for me.  This year seems to be flip-flopped from years past.  October has been one of the worst months in a while… but we’ll get to this in my next income report- so why am I mentioning it?  I created a post some time ago and I’ve been sitting on it for a couple of months- not sure whether or not I should publish it.  In talking to several of you, it seems like it will be beneficial.  Now seems like the perfect time to talk about budgets, particularly because October is not going quite as well as I had personally hoped (though it’s still going great!)  In addition to this, the holidays are coming up and I realize that budgets can struggle for those who celebrate the traditions that are involved.  The information contained in this post explains how I budget and why I don’t freak out during lower sales months (but I used to!)  I hope you gain something from it to implement in your own business and personal finances!  Note, I edited the post slightly to keep it current, but essentially, this was the original content.  Enjoy!

A few months ago, I paid off my house… again!  If you’ve been following,  you know that  starting this online business enabled me to pay off my first house! Continue reading

Case Study: How I Saved over $2000 on a Single Shipment


money jar

There are essentially 2 paths to creating “more money” in your pocket- you either make more or you spend less or BOTH!

I am VERY excited to share about a decision I made that saved me thousands- and will continue to save me thousands every time I make this decision!  This could easily add another $20,000 to my yearly profit! Continue reading