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The Private Labeling Craze and Why I’ll Never Make it as a Marketer


trademarkThe concept of private labeling has become a huge topic among online sellers and continues to be the area of my business I receive the most questions about.  A couple of years ago, a big online course was released covering this topic which largely sparked all of the interest.   Continue reading

The Power of a Brand (What I Learned While Shopping for a Coat!)


RI’ve had the same coat for more than 10 years and it’s falling apart.  I tend to hold on to, and wear down my possessions until there is nothing left- whether it be my car, my clothes, my furniture, or in this case… my coat!  The reason is a combination of laziness and a drive to get my money’s worth- something that was instilled in me from an early age!  2 weeks ago I came to terms with the fact that my coat was absolutely falling apart and was not going to last through the Winter.  I decided to go shopping!  What I found was remarkable!

Continue reading

The Real Value of a Brand! Earn Monthly Income or Sell for a Lump Sum!


brand checkToday I am so excited to have in my hand the “down payment”  of the earnings I will received from selling off one of the brands/businesses that I’ve started and developed!

Today I want to look at what went into creating the brand, the sales history, the benefit I’ve received from it, why I’m selling it, and the total sum I will receive once the sale is complete!  We’ll also talk about how you can potentially do the same! Continue reading

Case Study: How I Saved over $2000 on a Single Shipment


money jar

There are essentially 2 paths to creating “more money” in your pocket- you either make more or you spend less or BOTH!

I am VERY excited to share about a decision I made that saved me thousands- and will continue to save me thousands every time I make this decision!  This could easily add another $20,000 to my yearly profit! Continue reading

Get Your New Product in the “Best Sellers” on Amazon in Less Than 2 Weeks! (Case Study)


case studyBefore I dive in, I wanted to thank those of you who  donated to my “birthday campaign” to raise money for clean water through Charity Water for those who do not have access to it!   As this topic is unrelated to my business (but very important nonetheless) I will not go into further details, but if you want more information, please visit the link above or email me at  Thanks for helping make a difference!

Now… onto business!…


I am super excited to share information about a product that I’ve private labeled and brought to Amazon’s marketplace that is really taking off! Continue reading