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10 tips for finding more things to sell on Ebay and Amazon


monkey on bikeLately I’ve been talking with several people who have read my book and are on step 2- Arbitrage (finding items that can be bought low and sold high on Amazon and/or Ebay.)  It’s interesting.  It seems out of the people I’ve talked to, I hear 2 distinct, but opposite responses to their arbitrage journey.  On one side are the people who are doing amazing.  Everywhere they look, new merchandise is popping up.  Everything they find seems wildly profitable and sells out quickly!  For these people, there is simply not enough time in the day to buy up all of the profitable inventory they are finding!  On the other side, I’m hearing from sellers who are discouraged.  They are either not seeing the sales volume they were hoping for (including having items that are simply sitting in the warehouse) or they are having a hard time finding enough items that are truly profitable (or both!)  The funny thing is, I’ve been in both spots!  Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to use what I’ve learned and what others (who are having success) have shared with me to help encourage those who are feeling discouraged! Continue reading

What Will 2015 Really Look Like… For My Business and Yours?


deloreanIn the movie “Back to the Future Part 2,” Marty McFly and Doc Brown go WAY into the future to the year 2015!  Upon arriving, we see futuristic versions of 80s clothes, cafes with automated service, flying cars, hoverboards and more!  Now that we’re less than a year away, I find myself thinking about what 2015 will REALLY be like!  Continue reading

March Income Report


business report graphIt’s time for another income report!  March has been a surprisingly good month!  It has also been a busy month on a personal level as my wife and I are trying to sell our old house (we have purchased a second house and moved last summer). There have been a couple of issues that have come up in the transaction.  As far as business goes though, things have been great! Continue reading

Competitively Repricing Products on – Manual Adjustments and Auto-repricing software


repricePrices on products found on can and do change without notice!  For this reason, it is essential to price your items competitively, but also important not to constantly undercut other sellers as this can lead to a “race to the bottom” (the “bottom” being the place where no profit is left for anyone!)

Today I want to talk about pricing strategies and pricing software!  Continue reading

My new “student” made his first sale! (You’ll never guess who my “student” is!)


3d illustration: sunglasses. Concept of a cash registerI just got back from an international trade show.  Believe it or not, this was my FIRST trade show of my life!  It was such a great experience- very eye-opening in many ways.  I plan to write more about the experience soon, but today I wanted to share something exciting! Continue reading