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Selling Internationally – My First Product is Live in Canada!


One WorldI get more questions about selling internationally than probably any other topic!  I must be honest and upfront from the start.  My knowledge on this topic is limited, but I’ve been pushed by a couple of readers to pursue this area of business that I have been wanting to try for a long time, but found myself too intimidated to take action.   Well, I’ve taken the first steps and my first product is now live in Canada! If this goes well, expanding to more countries will definitely follow!  While I am by no means an expert, I’ve learned a couple things along the way which I will share today! Continue reading

July Income Report


July Graph“Summer Vacation” is two thirds over! (it’s not quite “summer vacation for me, but as I’m not waking up early and driving my girls to school, it does feel more relaxed!) Last Summer at this time, business was relatively slow- sometimes so much so that I was often in “panic mode.”  A lot has changed since then and the numbers are showing it!  I’m excited and yet a bit nervous about this upward swing (from last year.)  I can’t help but wonder what the forth quarter is going to be like at this rate.  Time to prepare! Continue reading

Outsourcing Basics for Business: 5 Simple Tips (#4 Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!)


outsourceYears ago, before starting my business, I remember watching Office Space and deeply identifying with Peter Gibbons’ dream of “doing nothing“.  Office Space is a hilarious movie and now has a cult following. There is a good reason for this.  The movie strikes a nerve with many because it reflects the reality of millions of people (in a somewhat exaggerated fashion of course!)  So many people hate, sometimes even dread going to work!  The politics, the co-workers, the unreasonable expectations leave many feeling that they are just a rat in a wheel- running running running, with a small reward that seldom increases!  Over a period of time, this type of environment will leave most people drained or even in a state of desperation- looking for a way out- perhaps even going to the extreme side where one dreams of “doing nothing” for the rest of their days! Continue reading