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The Private Labeling Craze and Why I’ll Never Make it as a Marketer


trademarkThe concept of private labeling has become a huge topic among online sellers and continues to be the area of my business I receive the most questions about.  A couple of years ago, a big online course was released covering this topic which largely sparked all of the interest.   Continue reading

Is Selling DVDs Still Possible On Amazon? What I Know (and Don’t Know) About Amazon’s Approval Process


DVD casesLate last year I wrote a post that got a lot of attention.  I believe the reason it got so much attention was it contained very specific information about how to get approved to sell in the DVD/movie category after Amazon’s September restriction was put into effect.  This was something no other seller seemed to be willing to disclose- at least as far as I could find!  The original post is HERE

I am always happy to help other sellers because I know what it’s like to feel a sense of unease, panic or even desperation when a source of income is threatened or a great opportunity is eliminated. Continue reading

Amazon FBA Fees Will Increase. Should You Be Worried?


dimeThis coming February, Amazon will raise their FBA fees.  I could create an entire post on the details of these fee changes, but all of the information you need is available right HERE.  Instead, I decided to create a post about the effects this may have on your business.  I also want to talk about my feelings on Amazon, Ebay, fees, and the e-commerce market in general. Continue reading

New Amazon Policy, New Strategy, “New” ebook


writingI’ve got a lot of stuff “cooking” that I’m excited to share with you all in future posts.  I’ve also been trying out a lot of new strategies and have been doing a lot of testing of new ideas.  I’ll be sharing my findings when I have enough data to show what works and what doesn’t!  Today though, I’d like to talk about a couple of major changes that my impact you and your business. Continue reading

August Income Report


coin graphWell, it’s the time again!  I’m writing on the first of September which means Summer is coming to a close (my girls go back to school tomorrow!) and the “busy season” is going to begin!  Traditionally, September sees an increase in sales, though usually minimal.  October, things pick up a bit more.  November sees a huge difference over other months and December is usually double to triple the standard sales!  This is exciting, but even more exciting to me was the fact that Summer was not completely dead as it has been for me in years past!  So…let’s see how things looked in August! Continue reading