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August 2015 Income Report



chart-1236812It is hard to believe we are already near the 4th quarter! This year has gone remarkably fast already and generally it just speeds up from here!  I have been disappointed to see my income on a slow steady decliner particularly when compared to last year.  There are several reasons for this and we will explore some of these in this post.  I will also revisit this in “what I learned” toward the end of the year!  For now, however, let’s talk more about August!

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April 2015 Income Report


gold graph

As always, the months are flying by!  I can’t believe May is here!  Lets take a look at what is historically the beginning of my “dip” in sales for the year (April.)  Unfortunately, the “dip” started a little earlier this year, but I’m very optimistic nonetheless since I’ve been using much of the “downtime” to look into new products, and new income streams (and build up existing possibilities!)  I hope to have several of these in place by the forth quarter or at least by the end of the year! Continue reading