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2016 Income Report: First Quarter



Well, it has been a long time away from the blog!  I’ve not made time to create posts in the last several months for both personal and business reasons.  The good news is sales have been largely up from last year and new projects have been keeping me quite busy! Since I’ve fallen behind, I’ve decided to create a “super income report” to show my income breakdown for the first quarter (Jan, Feb March) rather than report a month at a time. I will likely continue this way going forward. Continue reading

December 2015 Income Report



3d-business-graph-2-1237827First, please allow me to apologize for the delayed report. December was insane but I’m now making time to get this report up!  December was a fantastic month!  Surprisingly fantastic actually!  Spoiler alert: I did well over $100,000 in sales in the month of December!  December is always up from other months, but in this case, the sales shot through the roof!  A few key products made a huge impact!  Let’s look at the numbers and talk about how and why this happened.

Continue reading

November 2015 Income Report


graph-2-1477627Our final month of the year (and historically the biggest sales month) is HERE!  Things have been picking up in my business substantially this month.  This is a big reason I have not had the time to post regular content.  Don’t worry- I’ve got some creative ideas for the blog for 2016!  Also, if you have specific things you’d like me to write about, talk about or topics you’d like to learn about, please comment below!  Until then, let’s look at last month’s income! Continue reading