April 2015 Income Report


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As always, the months are flying by!  I can’t believe May is here!  Lets take a look at what is historically the beginning of my “dip” in sales for the year (April.)  Unfortunately, the “dip” started a little earlier this year, but I’m very optimistic nonetheless since I’ve been using much of the “downtime” to look into new products, and new income streams (and build up existing possibilities!)  I hope to have several of these in place by the forth quarter or at least by the end of the year!


I’m getting close to adding some sources, but here is my current list:

-2 Amazon.com seller accounts

-1 Amazon.ca seller account

-2 Ebay seller accounts

-1 profitable website (note, I made my first few sales on my second website which I’ve been putting a lot of work into, but I’m not going to include this in my list of “regular sources” yet.  I will talk about it more below though and will disclose the income)

-Kindle income (from my relatively new kindle book)

affiliate accounts (including Amazon associates, clickbank and many more- see the full report for details)

-undisclosed source of income (though this made no income this month- it looks like it will make a bit next month- we’ll see)


I have spent a tremendous amount of time (and money unfortunately!) on my second e-commerce website.  I built this site around my private label brand that I started just over a year ago.  The site has generated zero sales since it started.  I decided to be proactive about promoting it and working on building into a respectable site that will actually generate regular sales (I kind of just quickly threw it up on the web to say “look, we’re a real company!)  I would say I’m about half way there in making it a “good” site.  Truth be told, there is a LOT of room for improvement!  As I mentioned last month, I plan to write a post (or maybe several) when I’m all “done” (as if there is such a thing) and it starts generating regular sales.  So far I’ve spent a ridiculous sum of money to find out a lot of what DOESN’T work.  However, despite the fact that I’ve lost and not gained (yet) overall on this site, I feel the money spent still provided value for me since I’m now learning a few things that DO work (for instance, I know where the sales came from, so I will now be focusing on those areas)!  In the next few months, I will share more details in the form of a case study (assuming I actually start making money) to help speed up the learning curve for you!

April was also the month when a huge course was released to the online community on private labeling!  I share my thoughts on all of this HERE  If you did not buy the course and you’re still interested in learning more about private labeling (a method that I’ve used for several years to make a lot of money online), don’t worry!  You have a lot of options these days!

One option is the Proven Private Label course which is a low cost alternative to the $5000 course (the Proven Private Label Course is also now integrated into the Proven Amazon Course!)

If you don’t want to spend several hundred, why not check out my extremely low cost book which lays out my entire private label strategy (as well as arbitrage, wholesale, outsourcing expanding etc). You can find it HERE

Want to learn about the concept, but you’re short on cash?!  No worries, over the next month or so, I plan to create several posts about my past and recent experiences with private labeling that I think you’ll really enjoy!  Stay tuned to the blog!  I’ve also created a special section for private label posts HERE.  You can see all of my current posts that touch on this topic.  Keep checking back for future posts as well!


Alright, lets let the fun begin and see how I did!

Amazon Account 1: $30,375.18

Amazon account 1

Amazon.ca account


Amazon Account 2: $13,677.22

Amazon account 2

Amazon.ca account: $593.53 (approximate conversion to USD)

Amazon.ca account

Ebay Account 1: $770.87

Ebay account 1

Ebay Account 2: $25.98

Ebay account 2

Website 1 income: $247.94

Website 1

Website 2 income: $28.32 (note this is incredibly confusing from looking at the screen shot as it has $50.62 in coupons recorded and $64.73 in sales.  Most of these “sales” and “coupons” were made and used for testing purposes, but coupons were also used for the real sales.  There were actually 3 real orders (the rest were tests) and the total was $28.32 (after coupons).  This will be explained more in my forthcoming case study, but for now, you’ll just have to trust me :)  In case you’re wondering, the real orders are the spike at the end of the month- the rest is tests only)

Website 2

Total Physical product sales: $45,719.04

35% (approximate profit margin) = $16,001.66 PROFIT



Amazon Associates: $32.29

amazon associates


Nanacast(Products owned by Jim Cockrum) includes:

Proven Wholesale Sourcing

Proven Private Label Course

Import Direct From China

Proven Amazon Course

List Building Class






















Kindle (Six Step Six Figure System) $223.01


(Note, my affiliate center for Lisa Suttora Products is down currently.  I will update this when it comes back up (if income was generated)

Total affiliate income (and other “costless” income): $626.76







I would love to see these numbers breaking new records of course, but I’m encouraged overall.  I’ve been working at introducing new products, but this has been a much longer process than what I anticipated.  It will be worth it and I’ll explain why in my future posts on private labeling.  Growth and change happens slowly.  Overall, this year has been down from last year, but I would not be at all surprised if this year turns out up from last year by the end!  I won’t be seeing the fruits of many of my efforts until much later.  That is part of the nature of this business!

If you’ve been following me for a while, I want to say a heartfelt thank you!  It’s been wonderful connecting with so many of you and hearing what is going on in your own lives, your own journeys and your own businesses!  If you’re new to the blog, feel free to download a book I created to get you started making money right away!  I don’t teach get rich quick schemes, but you can implement the ideas to build a bit of start up capital to start with and eventually generate an income that will allow you the freedom that want!  Just enter your name and email below and it will be sent to you instantly.

Thanks again for the continued support!

3 thoughts on “April 2015 Income Report

  1. I don’t know if anyone else has seen the posting about Warner Brother’s suit against Amazon but it’s worth reading the link is http://www.ecommercebytes.com/cab/abn/y12/m09/i26/s03 and searching more into depth shows that Amazon is rejecting new sellers due to this law suit not lack of proper invoices. I just sent this email to Amazon because of my 4th rejection based on the fact that it’s 100% Amazon running from this lawsuit. Sorry but I’m so mad that Amazon is pitching us (3rd party sellers) to the curb I’m fighting mad. thanks for posting this and to everyone else that has been denied, I have this to say You’re also being discriminated against and that is wrong not just legally but it’s begging the question Why are we sellers putting up with all this?
    my email to Amazon:
    hello, insofar as there is nothing wrong with my invoices and the fact that they do meet Amazon’s requirements as outlined in Amazons Seller Central requirements and insofar as I’ve read in great depth the legal issues regarding the lawsuit pending against Amazon’s 3 party sellers by Warner Brothers I stand by my last emails in that Amazon is discriminating against sellers due to the pending law suit.
    Amazon should be backing us, Those of us that support Amazon, Sell on Amazon provide a major percent of the revenue Amazon enjoys and uses to continue to build it’s world wide business are being pitched along the way side.
    There is nothing wrong with My invoices, It’s due to the fact that they are from a 2nd party wholesaler and Warner Brothers is Suing Amazon to divulge the private information of us 3rd party sellers and let Warner Brothers and their greed be taken out on us that I’m denied.
    Grow some B_ _ _ _ and just band together Amazon and you’ll find We sellers will stand by Amazon and the Constitution that entitles us to free enterprise.
    I am embarrassed by Amazon’s weak jawed approach in saying “we can’t accept the invoice due to internal policies that we can’t divulge” is another way of saying Amazon’s trying to cover their south ends hoping that this will all go away. IT WON’T and I and all the other seller’s that are being discriminated against will only put up with this for just so long.
    Amazon should make a public statement explaining and admitting that the denials are from this Warner Brothers issue, so We can all join Amazon in support of Amazon’s rights as well as ours.
    But to say I, better yet WE sellers are trying to sell forgeries or we are getting our products from sources that aren’t credible is a slap in the face to all of us.
    Amazon is burning bridges, Sellers are finding new avenues to move their products because of this. I haven’t budged because I’m Right, Honest, and I’ve met the standard and then some to be entitled to sell on Amazon, so denying me is a slap in the face and I take is as discrimination and as Amazons way of saying “Better you than Amazon”

    So you’re Right, there is Ebay, B&N and many other sites to sell our products on. How many more Sellers is Amazon going to lose before the dollar impact is going to make someone there stand up and take notice?

    You are building a site in Shakopee MN 5 minutes from my business how is this going to look when sellers start warning potential employees not to go to work there because it’s future is in danger of closing because Amazon can’t afford to keep it open?
    I won’t submit any more invoices only to have them denied because of this law suit. Amazon Losing my business my not impact anything but posting this on Amazon’s seller’s boards sure will.
    I’m done with this, Amazon is cheating me and all the other seller’s that have worked for months and years for the right to sell on Amazon’s site.
    This Is and I Stand By My Statement” Plain Discrimination.

  2. During the time it takes for the private label products to be shipped, what do you do during those times? Do you start promoting it even though it’s still being shipped and hasn’t arrived to the Amazon warehouse? If so how?

    Also, any other tips on how to promote and market my new private label product?

    1. Hi Zacharie,
      You’ll find that there is no “right” answer. Depending on who you talk to, you’ll hear different ideas and strategies. Some sellers will make their product available to buy for “preorder”. I personally don’t like to do this just in case there are any problems (or delays in shipping). I don’t promote until my product hits there warehouse and is ready to ship! For me, in the meantime, I focus on my arbitrage and wholesale efforts while I wait. You can also work on any material needed for the item (additional pictures, how to videos, unboxing videos etc. My entire promotion strategy is outlined in “Six Steps Six Figure System.” Hope this helps!

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