Hi! My name is Daniel and I started this website to document my discoveries through the world of online income in the hope of helping my readers enjoy the same freedom that I’ve found! I currently work from home and support a family of four as a solo entrepreneur. It wasn’t always this way though. I’ve spent most of my adult life in low-paying jobs that I mostly didn’t care for. The majority of my “career” has been working as a pizza delivery driver. It turns out that pizza delivery and the pizza business in general had SO much to teach me. Believe it or not, I often find myself applying things I learned back then to what I do now! Through working online, I have discovered a life I could have never imagined while working as a pizza delivery driver- still, I have a special place in my heart for my pizza days- so much so that I’ve built a blog around this theme!


I’ve helped some people along the way with their questions on getting started and sustaining this kind of business. At one point, someone (who did not know me well) lumped me in the same camp as the “gurus.” saying something like “when I learn from “gurus” like you…. ” etc. I had to laugh! I am far from a guru. I am truly a regular guy… very very average. I never really made it in “career world” and maybe I wasn’t supposed to. I struggled through school and never went to college. If I can do this, YOU can do this. I have simply read a lot of ebooks, bought a bunch of courses and figured out a lot of my own systems by trial and error. My hope with this website is to help those who are overwhelmed with the “opportunities” out there to get a solid starting point and build a sustainable business. I actually have a picture of myself in my pizza uniform hanging in my office (the same picture as on this website). This reminds me that I’m the same person now as I was then- just doing things a little more effectively. I hope to show you how to do the same – whether you’re in a successful career and just want some side income or you want to build a sustainable business that will earn a living.


I started this business by simply “selling stuff online.” This has since grown into a bigger sustainable business, but selling real physical products is still at the heart of what I do. E-commerce has grown into a 1 TRILLION dollar industry! Trying to break into this industry can be overwhelming and it can FEEL very competitive, but all you need is “a little slice of the pie.” When the “pie” is over 1 trillion dollars, a small slice is more than enough!  My “little slice of the pie” has allowed me to work at home, support a family of four and even pay off two mortgages! There are specific techniques to help you grab YOUR “slice of the pie.” Much of this will be covered in my posts, but if you want to get a little deeper into it, I would suggest subscribing to my newsletter where I will share exclusive content not available on the site (for subscribing, you’ll get a free copy of my ebook “System Startup”!)  You can subscribe below.

Thank you for taking the time to read and I hope to see you around the site!


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  1. Thank you so much for all that you do, and all the information you provide …. GOD bless you, your business and your family :-)

  2. Hi Daniel,
    Just found your site, and I am curious what you sell online? Is that something you share or not? Feel free to email me directly…I have tried some sports equipment and paddleboards/paddles/accessories, made some $ but not enough to justify the effort/storage etc… It was more of a hobby and personal interest…but learned a lot about China imports and working with suppliers.
    Interested in expanding into something else (obviously not steal anyone’s ideas) but curious on how you are selling so much? Thx Marc

    1. Hi Marc,
      Glad you found the site! Sorry I don’t share specifics at the moment, but I can give you some tips:

      Find as product that meet this criteria:
      1. Very small and lightweight (I shoot for under 3 lb, but if you can get something 1 lb or less it’s ideal)
      2. Less than 5,000 results when you type in a main keyword to Amazon’s search bar (low competition)
      3. Sells for over $25, but costs you less than $10
      4. Sales rank for the top 10 listings (for the keyword) should have an average sales rank of 1% of the category or less

      The above is good criteria for private labeling.

      Wholesale is much less specific. For wholesale, target the same criteria except the sales rank can be in the top 5% of it’s category and be sure that you can make at least a 20% margin on the item (after fees!)

      Hope this helps!

    1. I’ve been scanning through your “slice of the pie” website. I am glad i found it. I attempted to order 2 free ebooks offered, but never recieved any confirmation email, nor the books.
      Cam you please make this happen?

      1. Hi Cole,
        Glad you found the site too! I hope you’re enjoying the content! Please check your spam folder as sometimes the subscription confirmations go there. If you don’t find the confirmation there, please email me at daniel(at)atlittlesliceofthepie(dot)com. I’ll get you what you need. Thanks!

  3. Hi Daniel,

    Thank you for responding to my email and I finally was able to read your book which is quite informative and your story is inspiring. I realize that Amazon has changed certain rules in the DVD catergory and you had to revise your information for your readers. Therefore the strategy changes for new sellers ,and of course after reading your blog it is not an easy process to get approved but very possible.
    Next, I do have a current account as a seller in which I have not had too much luck selling the item(NEW Product with a fair price) but I am still not discouraged. The idea of selling product is to earn extra income since I am currently disable due to a car accident but I am able to perform many tasks. I started viewing videos on you tube on how to sell on eBay and amazon and I was truly moviated and considering to tackle my garage since I do have plenty of great stuff to sell (New&Used). I downloaded several free apps to determine if any of the products had value in which some had a profit margin of $1,$2,$4, $6, and I have plenty books but most of them scanned for .1 profit according to the app. This was a blow to my personal motivation since I had considered signing up for the professional membership and become a FBA seller but with the shipping fees just could not see profit.. I have done my research on both forums to sell products, yet just the fact that I read blogs ebooks and watched several videos in which I learned the process on how to buy and where to buy, how to price, arbitrage, posting, sales rank ,short tale, long tale, what sells, supplies (upc scanner, tape, boxes, scale, avery tags ,poly bags ,suffocation stickers) …etc. Finally ,once I did the research on materials the expenses were high and that took a hit on my movitation in which( I asked myself is this a scam???) I assure you Daniel I am a very resilient and determined person ,yet I have over analyzed the process and my gears in my brain have locked to due too much information in which I am doubtful… now.. I am to determine to do it ,however, not sure if you have to place a new upc codes on every product or bag. Please help because at this point I am confused and need guidance….
    Thank You

    1. Hi Alan,
      Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you’re saying a couple of things:

      1. You’re frustrated by a lot of trial and error and all of the information out there has your head spinning and you’re not sure how to find a solid footing in the e-commerce world


      2. You are confused by the physical process of sending products to FBA.

      Do I have this right? If so, don’t give up! It’s well worth it and it can and does happen! It’s happened for countless readers of this blog and numerous sellers worldwide. Once you find what’s working for you, focus on that! I just sent you the link to the ebook yesterday. Make sure to read it fully through. I think it may help de-mystify a lot of the process including sending items to FBA.

      The process for stickering items is a bit tricky due to how Amazon is set up, but read up on settings options HERE
      Then be sure to watch THESE videos. I think this will help make sense of it!

      Hope this helps!

      1. Hi Daniel,
        Thanks for the response it was helpful. However, my plan is to try FBA and send several products and get my feet wet. Finally, I don’t want to make a big investment in purchasing certain supplies such as a scanner,suffocating labels I will be creative and start slow.

        I also like to know what supplies you recommend as I start the process and if you have any advice for a newbie.
        Thank for all the great information you share.

        1. Hi Alan,
          Yes, if you have a few products to sell, you hardly need anything to start! Here are the essentials:

          1. Computer and internet connection -I assume you have this since you’re typing comments on the blog :) If not, it’s possible (though not easy) to start with a library computer

          2. A shipping scale. You must know the weight of your package

          3. A box/boxes to ship the item(s) to FBA

          4. A printer and paper (shipping labels are preferred, but in a pinch, you can simply print, cut with scissors and tape on the box)

          5. Packing tape

          6. Avery Style address labels (I like digiorange)- these are necessary for FBA stickers. However, if your account is set to “commingled” most products won’t need these.

          You don’t need to get a scanner, warning labels etc. If Amazon requires an item to be bagged, you can opt for them to do it for you. This will cost around 30 cents per item. Amazon can also apply stickers for you for the same fee.

          Check out my resources page for links to some helpful items I mentioned above

          The best advice I can give you is to start small- low risk. I recommend starting with around $500 and investing in the lowest risk, best sales rank, highest profit items you can find. Hope this helps!


          1. Hi Daniel,
            I just wanted to thank you for the valuable information you shared. I will keep you posted on my experience with FBA.

            Thank you

  4. Daniel,

    Hi, my name is Jason and I like your site. I found your post on how to promote products *very* useful.

    We created an Amazon “scouting tool” that we think is very helpful for finding out if it makes sense to add a product to Amazon. I thought you would be a perfect person to test it out.

    It would be completely free (and when we launch it will be free as well).



    1. Hi Jason,
      This sounds fantastic! I am approached from time to time to test out new software and I’m always happy to check it out and provide feedback! Feel free to contact me directly at daniel(at)alittlesliceofthepie(dot)com! Thanks!

    1. Hi Joe,
      Thanks for your interest! I don’t disclose my storefront to avoid inviting competition (as my family depends on this income) but I do have several helpful tips around the blog to help you find items to sell and great suppliers. I even disclose a couple of my sources. I hope this helps!

  5. Daniel, That was a great reply you gave to Chris! I guess sometimes it’s hard for people to understand why someone would want to give out free info and possibly create competition.

    I myself have tried a gazillion other online businesses and nothing has ever really worked for me. Except when I wrote inspirational articles to article directories for no money, it felt great and EzineArticles even sent a coffee mug with their logo congratulating me…ha! Oh and I have sold a few self published Kindle books.

    One time I purchased a web hosting company and it was humming along great until I acquired it and then there were tons of technical issues (out of my control) and major daily stress.

    By analyzing my situation for awhile and after I finally sold the business (and my bank account was drained), the person I bought it from was scratching his head and told me that no matter what I did to insure the success he thinks that I would have unexplained problems. I figured out that the business was not for me and that I had selfish reasons for buying it in the first place and that was the reason it was doomed for failure!

    I believe that when deciding on a business, give it much thought and even pray about the decision before jumping in! That advice could have saved me thousands.

    I believe that whenever someone graciously gives something away, they receive back tenfold. I am just learning Amazon FBA and my intentions are to give away at least 10% of my profit to tithing and/or someone who needs it. I am approaching this business with determination and a good feeling that this time I will be successful!

    I congratulate you Dan on all your hard earned success and thank you so much for your excellent and easy-to-understand blog and ebooks! I am learning so much and I have a great feeling about this as I have already discovered some good merchandise while scouting and it’s been fun so far. I am building enough inventory (not too huge) for my first shipment to Amazon!

    1. Hi Verona,
      Thanks for this thoughtful comment. I agree that giving away information and techniques has several benefits. I enjoy working on this blog even though it makes me very little money.

      I too have jumped in to money making ideas that my heart was not in- just to make a quick buck and they failed miserably!

      Building this blog has been so great due to the people I’ve met here and hearing their stories. For me, keeping in touch with people who have built businesses from nothing and credit it to my advice here is a reward of it’s own!

      In addition to this though, I’ve gotten ideas that I never would have thought of while exchanging thoughts via emails (and comments) with my readers!

      I’m excited about your first shipment- this is where it all begins. Once you get those emails “Amazon shipped an item you sold” and start seeing money in your account when you wake up in the morning, you’re going to be hooked!

  6. wanting to sell on amazon but I live out of the US. I have a US address and bank account but how do I get my product packaged and then shipped to amazon to meet their requirements? I buy wholesale home accents from US suppliers.

    1. Hi Shelli,
      Great question! Since you have a U.S. address and bank account already, you’re more than half way there! Check out my new ebook which should answer all of your questions. You can get it free at the end of THIS post. Enjoy!

  7. Daniel,
    Thanks for the ebook, I wish the info in this ebook existed about 10 years ago. Now, I want to make a comment about Chris’s blog (I know where Chris is coming from, I have been there and probably lost way more money)- after reading your ebook which details everything you did plus additions like outsourcing, etc…, what you are doing is called “DIVERSIFY” or “DO NOT PUT ALL YOUR EGGS IN THE SAME BASKET”.

    I think you gave more than enough information for free and anyone could take this and start a part time home business until they get their own system/techniques down.

    1. Hi Edward,
      Thanks for the kind words! I’m so glad you’re finding the information helpful!
      Chris is very wise to question what is available on the internet these days and to not make his mind up too quickly about anyone (including me) or the methods I or anyone else teaches. I had a conversation with him off the blog and I found him to be sincere, respectful and gracious- and he definitely asked some great questions that got me thinking about my own goals! I too have lost money following hyped up courses and “easy button” methods. Making money online is possible, but it does take work. My hope is that as people follow my blog, they will find it to be genuine and helpful and I will inherently build trust.

      You are correct that diversification is the key! (along with taking action of course- I’m not talking about simply diversifying courses that one buys and doing nothing with it!) My goal in the coming months and years is to diversify even more as to not put so much financial security in Amazon and Ebay (though they are great “instant” traffic sources!)

      As for giving away “more than enough” information for free, I’m just getting started! :) Stay tuned for something great in the coming weeks!

  8. I have seen and bought a lot of hype online. In my time online you can pretty much tell who is for real.
    Daniel, what I have read so far is right up there with the people I believe.
    I’ll be sticking around.

    1. Hi Ron,
      Thanks for the kind words! I too have seen a lot of hype… I have a general aversion to slick online marketers and never want to be one (which ends up being bad for business but great for authentic relationships!) I hope you find the material on this site helpful! Thanks for your support!

  9. Hi,

    Great question and great answers. I’m here for a similar purpose on how to sell on Amazon. Daniel, I came across your posted on one of the forum and follow to your blogs. At your posted, you’ve mentioned that you could import from over sea directly to FBA, but I looked at your blog and I’m not able to find your ebook on how you could import supplies from China to Amazon FBA. I was hoping to find an ebook step by steps on how to do it. I was able to find a suppliers but was lost at the next step how to import directly to FBA. Can you point me to that eBook?


    1. Hi Felix,
      Thank you for your comment! I hope you’re finding the information here helpful. I don’t have an ebook on importing, but I defer to Walter Hay who has FAR more experience than I do with importing (I bought his book after doing this for years and learned a LOT!) You can find his ebook HERE
      The knowledge I gained from his book saved me over $2000 on my last big shipment (you can read about this HERE)
      One piece of information in his book would have saved me several thousands more had I known about it (or if his book existed) 2 years ago! I would highly recommend purchasing this for all of the information you will ever need on importing. If you have further questions after this information, feel free to comment again here or write to daniel(at)alittlesliceofthepie(dot)com


  10. First I wanted to thank you for the information you have provided to the public via your website, youtube videos and this personal website. It’s all very good information and very helpful – so thanks!

    I don’t want to come across negative or bashing in anyway, that’s not my style or my intention at all…so please know that when I say the following…..I have been wandering around the internet for a long time, aimlessly most likely, trying to find a good way to make some decent money. And EVERY program, ebook, video, blog ect ALWAYS leaves out the key ingredient.

    You come across as honest and down to earth – if you really are or not who knows…it really doesn’t matter – but you are right…most people say they make tons of money and really don’t – so I liked the fact that you show yourself logging into your Amazon account and showing us the figures…of course you could be a computer programmer for all I know and could have created that little page….I really don’t know – but the question I always ask is if all these people are making so much money with all these different programs….why are they sharing online with the world creating more competition? If I found some great idea I discovered on my own and was making tons of money, I would not be sharing it with the world…

    But what all these people, including yourself, have in common is that one key ingredient that is NEVER shared – and without that ingredient nobody has all the tools they need to be successful – and that is WHAT EXACTLY are you buying and selling and WHERE EXACTLY are you getting it from?? All the ebooks , blogs and videos give you everything but that vital information….which leaves most people in the same position as when they first started…really not much better off.

    I have yet to run across anyone on the internet that is truly giving away good information for free – there is always a catch or they are benefiting in some way….which they/yourself should benefit in some way….and I see you have several affiliate links listed in your ebook – which is a good idea and I hope you do well from them. That’s why Im still not sold you are selling $100,000′s on Amazon even with the cool amazon video – if you were why would you care about these affiliate links? Or have youtube videos or even this blog? If you are making 100k or 200k net from Amazon, first why would you tell anyone and second why have this microscopic income from these affiliate links?

    Anyway….please don’t take any of the above wrong…would love to hear back from you….just wondering if this is another dead end in the search for making a decent living online. Thanks again for your time and your videos….enjoyed them.

    1. Hi Chris,
      Thanks for writing! I don’t take offense to this- I think a healthy sense of skepticism is really important on the internet. Some skepticism would have kept me out of a lot of scams and/or dead ends that I got involved in early on. I think you ask some really valid questions. Let me address them, one by one:

      1. if all these people are making so much money with all these different programs….why are they sharing online with the world creating more competition?
      This is a great question! I was skeptical of this at first also. The skepticism for me came from a mentality of scarcity- believing that there are only limited options and/or inventory out there- nobody would share their business plan- they would lose out on profits! The truth is, the pie is big. I only needs a small slice (hence the name of the site). This covers why I should not FEAR sharing, but now the question WHY SHARE? There are 2 reasons for me- and they go together. The first is that I work alone on a computer in my basement. It’s a bit lonely to be quite honest. I want a sense of community – others on the same road as me and I want to be able to help others where I can- not because I’m such a selfless guy, but because it FEELS GOOD. I like hearing people having success based on something I taught them. The second reason is to hopefully build up a list of people (community) that trust me (which I plan to earn). Eventually, if I put out a paid course or partner with someone who does, I hope to have the benefit of earning a commission from that based on the trust I’ve established with my audience.

      2. But what all these people, including yourself, have in common is that one key ingredient that is NEVER shared – and without that ingredient nobody has all the tools they need to be successful – and that is WHAT EXACTLY are you buying and selling and WHERE EXACTLY are you getting it from?? All the ebooks , blogs and videos give you everything but that vital information….which leaves most people in the same position as when they first started…really not much better off.
      First, I disagree with the last part. I think (or at least hope) that if you read through all of the material on this site and in the ebook, you’ll be a lot better off than if you simply find a hot selling product and have no idea what to do with it. Second, to go to an old analogy: “give a man a fish, feed him for a day. Teach a man how to fish, feed him for a lifetime.” Listing products that are working right now will not sustain anyone. Teaching how to find product after product after product for yourself will give you skills to generate income long term. With that said, I’ve actually gone through courses that HAVE told me what to sell and where to get it. The problem with this is, now everybody who has the course has access to that information. They all go out and buy the same thing and nobody makes money because now 50, 100, 500 or 1000 people are all selling the same thing in the same place and competing on price. It doesn’t work. Although there are millions of products to sell and a giant pie, I certainly don’t want people copying my specific ideas and the products I’ve found. I don’t want direct competition. I believe I can share HOW to find products without attracting direct competition on my products, but I cannot share specific products that are working for me without attracting direct competition. I should point out also that I have listed my movie sources: Mountain View Movies, DVA and Worldwide liquidators and have also listed stores I buy from (arbitrage- buy low sell high) – Target and Walmart are my main two. I also plan on creating more posts on HOW to find a niche and WHERE to find suppliers. You are correct that if I simply told you “here is what to sell” it would be a lot easier, but doing so publicly would destroy the profitability of the item. I HAVE thought about creating a course that outlines my best selling items that I’ve found and EXACTLY where to get them- kind of a “push button” approach. If I did this, however, I could really only sell that list to about 20 people- any more than that would create the problem mentioned above (if I do this, I will sell the list to the first 20 buyers and the course without the list to the remainder)

      3. If you are making 100k or 200k net from Amazon, first why would you tell anyone and second why have this microscopic income from these affiliate links?

      I touched on this a bit, but you could also ask why I bother selling DVDs that only profit me 20 cents? I talk about this a bit in the ebook as well. Not only does every little bit add up, there are other benefits as well. Honestly, I think I’ve made less than $40 on this entire site and my ebook (through affiliate links) but I’m ok with that. The benefit is the sense of community and building trust… these are long term benefits. “quick cash” is just a short term benefit. I’m trading a short term benefit for a long term business. I don’t ever want to be the marketer that just sends crap offers to a list in order to get rich. I will only send things that are truly beneficial (anyone who has been on my list will tell you that they have not received a single offer from me yet!- only good free information).

      I can promise you this opportunity is not another dead end, but I understand my word means very little to you- you don’t know who I am and you have no reason to trust me. Stick around, search what I’ve written here and on the warrior forum (Daniel J). You can decide for yourself if I’m worth trusting. Also, consider this- I receive no financial benefit from writing this to you and even if I convince you that my income is real, I make no money from you. Even if you’re on my list, you could use a fake email address or unsubscribe after getting the free ebook. This is all ok with me, BUT my hope is that over the long-haul, you will see that I have something valuable to offer and that you will become a loyal and valuable part of the community I’m trying to build. To me, that is is something you cannot put a price on. If you do want any other proof of my income, I’m more than happy to show you, but you’d need to set the terms of what it would take to convince you (it would be rather difficult to fake an Amazon seller login. If I even COULD do that and was that kind of person, I’m sure I’d find better things to do with my time than create a site where I’m not selling anything). Again, don’t worry about “offending me” or asking questions. I think what you said is completely fair. You have no idea who I am and the internet is a breeding ground for scammers. I just hope over time, you’ll see I’m the real deal and will find the information I have to offer beneficial… I also hope that you’ll be another person to say “I have had some success thanks to what I learned!” I hope I addressed everything. If not, feel free to email me as well anytime! daniel@alittlesliceofthepie.com

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