Gaining Approval for Gated (restricted) Categories on


combo lockSo lets say you’ve found that silicone spatulas sell really well on and you decide to sell them too!  You connect with the brand owner, they direct you to a supplier, you strike a deal, buy the branded product in bulk and add your product under the main Amazon product listing!  Sales go great at first, but then others start dropping their prices.  Eventually the prices drop so much that there is no margin left and your income is shot.

Time for strategy 2: Continue reading

How to Create a Successful Private Label Product and Brand – Part 1: Research


researchAs promised, I am starting a series on private labeling.  There has been a tremendous amount of interest in this topic lately and I want to be sure to provide the best possible advice, tips and tricks for you.  Whether you are thinking of private labeling in the future, just getting started, or have your own successful private label empire, I think you’ll find something in this series that will be helpful to you! Continue reading

April 2015 Income Report


gold graph

As always, the months are flying by!  I can’t believe May is here!  Lets take a look at what is historically the beginning of my “dip” in sales for the year (April.)  Unfortunately, the “dip” started a little earlier this year, but I’m very optimistic nonetheless since I’ve been using much of the “downtime” to look into new products, and new income streams (and build up existing possibilities!)  I hope to have several of these in place by the forth quarter or at least by the end of the year! Continue reading