Introduction to Buying Wholesale – A Free Source to Get You Started!


WarehouseThe idea of finding the “right niche”, beginning a relationship with a wholesaler, and buying in moderate to large quantities can be daunting and can even induce fear and panic!  The great news is, it doesn’t have to be this way!  In my 6 step business strategy (which I lay out in my free ebook available on this site), I recommend starting small and growing from there.  In my opinion, buying wholesale in large quantity is not the place to start until you get your feet wet.  If you’re nearing step 4 (working with wholesale suppliers) of my strategy, then I’ve got a great “introduction method” that will get your feet wet while significantly lowering your risk and will ease you into wholesale buying! Continue reading

Outsourcing Basics for Business: 5 Simple Tips (#4 Will Have You Laughing Out Loud!)


outsourceYears ago, before starting my business, I remember watching Office Space and deeply identifying with Peter Gibbons’ dream of “doing nothing“.  Office Space is a hilarious movie and now has a cult following. There is a good reason for this.  The movie strikes a nerve with many because it reflects the reality of millions of people (in a somewhat exaggerated fashion of course!)  So many people hate, sometimes even dread going to work!  The politics, the co-workers, the unreasonable expectations leave many feeling that they are just a rat in a wheel- running running running, with a small reward that seldom increases!  Over a period of time, this type of environment will leave most people drained or even in a state of desperation- looking for a way out- perhaps even going to the extreme side where one dreams of “doing nothing” for the rest of their days! Continue reading

10 tips for finding more things to sell on Ebay and Amazon


monkey on bikeLately I’ve been talking with several people who have read my ebook and are on step 3- Arbitrage (finding items that can be bought low and sold high on Amazon and/or Ebay.)  It’s interesting.  It seems out of the people I’ve talked to, I hear 2 distinct, but opposite responses to their arbitrage journey.  On one side are the people who are doing amazing.  Everywhere they look, new merchandise is popping up.  Everything they find seems wildly profitable and sells out quickly!  For these people, there is simply not enough time in the day to buy up all of the profitable inventory they are finding!  On the other side, I’m hearing from sellers who are discouraged.  They are either not seeing the sales volume they were hoping for (including having items that are simply sitting in the warehouse) or they are having a hard time finding enough items that are truly profitable (or both!)  The funny thing is, I’ve been in both spots!  Today, I’d like to take this opportunity to use what I’ve learned and what others (who are having success) have shared with me to help encourage those who are feeling discouraged! Continue reading